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3 ways Congress could hold Facebook accountable – Source

By Anjana Susarla and Bhaskar Chakravorti and Ryan Calo—The Conversation 4 minute Read

Let users control more of their data

Anjana Susarla, professor of information systems, Michigan State University

Social media sites like Facebook are designed for constant interaction to engage users’ attention. To rein in Facebook, lawmakers must first understand the harm that results from algorithmic manipulation on these platforms. One thing Congress could do is make sure Facebook gives users more control over what data the company collects about them and why.

Most people who use Facebook are unaware of how algorithmic recommendations affect their experience of the platform and thereby the information they engage with. For example, political campaigns have reportedly tried to manipulate engagement to get more traction on Facebook.

A key aspect of providing such transparency is giving users greater access to and control over their data, similar to what’s proposed in California’s Consumer…

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