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4 ways venture capital can work for the 99% and be lucrative – Source

Ten years ago this month, we witnessed what may very well go down as one of the most significant events in modern American history: In downtown New York’s Zuccotti Park, police officers stormed a small, makeshift compound, evicting a small throng of occupants and putting an end to what became known as the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Or did they? Though Occupy’s physical presence, which I crossed through daily on my walk to work, was short-lived, it continues to loom large in the popular and political imagination, inspiring voters and candidates alike for the past decade. And its key slogan—”We are the 99%”—has become a rallying cry adopted by a surprisingly diverse coalition that includes everyone from conservative working class whites to African-Americans struggling with a dearth of economic opportunities. Left, right, and center, Americans are saying that they’re displeased with a system that continues to enrich a tiny sliver of the population while ignoring the…

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