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5 surprising ways NFTs could transcend the hype and become seriously useful How NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps prepared for her sp… – Source

Today NFTs are associated with expensive digital art and collectibles. But crytpo experts say they’ll be used for more mundane and useful things in the future.

A few billion dollars might be able to get you into space today, but money still can’t buy a spot on a NASA crew. To earn her place, Epps had to run a grueling gauntlet that included these four programs.

Here’s how the aerospace engineer has prepared mentally and physically for her historic space mission while still managing to stay grounded.

Rosenworcel’s agency will oversee the country’s more than $65 billion investment in broadband infrastructure.

More than two dozen tech founders have contributed to Eight Sleep’s more than $150 million in funding, because they love its bed that offers temperature control, sleep data, and gamification.

The lead accessibility designer at Mobiquity notes that accessibility is about more than just legal consequences. “What may not seem like a big deal to you could make or…

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