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Adobe launches free Creative Cloud Express software – Source

Adobe has long dominated the market for professional graphics tools: Photoshop for editing images, Illustrator for drawing things like line art and logos, InDesign for laying out printed content, and the rest of its Creative Cloud suite of software for other tasks.

But while these programs can be remarkably powerful, they also can be intimidating to novice users who are simply looking to touch up a photo for the web, create a nice-looking image of text to share on social media, or make a flyer for an event. Those potential users can be torn between taking the time to study how Adobe’s software works, using lesser-known or more specialized apps including a wide range of mobile-editing software, or hiring a designer to create images for their small businesses or hobbies. And most of them probably aren’t eager to pay the price for a Creative Cloud subscription—up to $53 a month if you want the full suite.

[Image: courtesy of Adobe]

To try to reach that market, Adobe is launching a…

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