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After gamer backlash, video game companies scrap NFT plans – Source

The video game industry has never been shy about embracing a new technology, but the speed with which publishers and developers hopped on board the NFT hype train was dizzying. Seemingly overnight, game makers announced ways they planned to incorporate the tokens into their product, with one eye on the metaverse and another on bigger revenues.

Players, though, are having none of it. And that pushback may be having an impact.

The trickle of game companies backing away from NFTs that started in January is becoming a steady flow—and threatening to become a flood.

EA is the latest to pump the brakes. In November 2021, CEO Andrew Wilson said NFTs “will be an important part [of] the future of our industry on a go-forward basis.” This week, on an earnings call with analysts, he pulled back from that declaration.

“Collectability will continue to be an important part of our industry and the games and experiences that we offer our players,” he said. “Whether that is part of NFT and…

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