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Apple’s fight with EU may be about a wireless-only charging iPhone in – Source

Apple has been emphatically resisting the European Commission’s recommendation that the EU institute a law requiring all phone makers to use one charging standard. But the company’s obstinance on the matter might involve considerations other than the ones it’s made public.

The European Commission, which proposes laws for the EU, voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to propose legislation compelling companies selling smartphones in Europe to commit to a single charging standard—which, logically, would be the already widely adopted USB-C. This, the commission argues, would greatly reduce the number of cables people would need. More importantly, it would cut way down on the number of charging cables and wall units that end up in landfills.

Such a law would also force Apple to ditch its proprietary Lightning cable. Apple, which sold the most phones of any phone maker in the world last quarter, would—in theory—be hurt more than anybody else. Makers of Android phones have already…

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