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Best Gmail Chrome extensions for productivity – Source

If you’re using Gmail as your primary email vehicle, you’ve got access to a virtual ton of productivity-powering extensions. Here’s a look at five absolute must-haves that’ll help you work smarter every day.

These extensions are for use with Google’s Chrome web browser but can also be used with Microsoft’s latest Edge browser, which is built using the same engine that powers Chrome.

Breef: emails by topic, plus infinite scrolling

Show Gmail who’s really boss with the excellent Breef extension.

It lets you blaze through your messages one after another with an Instagram-like infinite scrolling feature that displays emails as virtual cards. Each has options next to it for reading later, replying later, archiving, replying immediately, or adding labels. There’s even a fun timer you can leverage to see how many emails you can get through during a quick session.

You can also choose to view your inbox based on topics instead of chronologically, which makes it easier to focus on…

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