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Black Twitter makes the case for Lorde-Morrison Day – Source

Today’s Google Doodle is business as usual. It’s the typical logo with the brand’s name spelled out in primary colors.

But Audre Lorde and Toni Morrison fans want Google to reconsider how it presents its logo on February 18 next year. 

Today’s date isn’t the most popular date of Black History Month, but it means everything to people who have been moved by Toni Morrison and Audre Lorde. Lorde and Morrisontwo of the most important writers in womanist literature and black feminist theorywere both born today (in 1934 and 1931). Both deceased, Lorde would have been 86 and Morrison 89, and fans on Twitter have dubbed today “Lorde-Morrison Day” in celebration of the literary icons’ legacies. 

Lorde-Morrison Day isn’t official yet, but it has a nice ring to it. It also fits perfectly within Black History Month, and just before March, which is Women’s History Month. 

Here’s a collection of tweets from people who have been impacted by the legacies these women have…

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