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Block trackers in Chrome with StartPage Privacy Protection – Source

While there’s no shortage of apps and extensions that can stop websites from snooping on you, StartPage’s new Chrome and Firefox extension is still worth a look.

Once installed, the extension blocks third-party trackers and cookies from following you around the web. It also assigns a score to the current website—on a scale of one to five—based on how invasive it is. You can click on the extension’s icon to see the details for a given site, but otherwise the StartPage extension runs quietly in the background while bringing extra privacy protection to your browser.

Beyond the core tracking protection, what really distinguishes the extension from other tracker blockers is its granularity. For each site, you can click “Manage trackers and cookies” to see a list of every tracking domain that the site has blocked. From there you can choose to unblock specific domains without turning off tracking protection for the entire site.

That’s important given that tracker blockers can…

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