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Bloomberg’s debate remix video may be misinformation – Source

It took some pretty serious editing jujitsu to make Mike Bloomberg’s widely-panned performance at the Democratic debate into a video spot that helps the campaign.

With tongue not very firmly in cheek, Bloomberg’s digital staff cut together selected pieces of the debate to portray Bloomberg posing a question so profound and revealing as to leave the other candidates speechless. Bloomberg’s question? “I’m the only one here that, I think, that’s ever started a business, is that fair?”

He did ask that during the debate, but the response he got wasn’t quite this:

Anybody who actually watched the debate knows that Bloomberg was targeted from the very start, attacked skillfully and savagely by Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and others, and had a hard time defending himself.


When I first watched the video, I didn’t notice the crickets in the background, but they do establish a…

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