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Coronavirus should be a wake-up call for a nation in denial – Source

If there’s one thing that’s clear from the coronavirus crisis, it’s that our place in the world is fragile. Disaster always lurks around the corner. Hopefully, our public health professionals will contain this novel coronavirus soon, and catastrophe will be averted. But even if we get lucky this time, globalization means that the next epidemic could still spread rapidly, creating the same problems and the same risks all over again. Building a wall won’t keep out a virus.

In times of crisis, our natural instinct is to close ranks to anything or anyone new. That’s normal but not necessarily smart. When the status quo fails, we have to be open to new ideas.

One obvious place to start is telehealth—shorthand for the expanding universe of video, phone, and text-based medical services that can replace in-person visits with a doctor. In theory, everyone across the medical and political spectrum already agrees that making it easier for people to access healthcare makes sense. But…

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