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Duolingo survey reveals Netflix, TikTok, and family heritage influence – Source

Language-learning app Duolingo just released its second annual Language Report, and two things are clear: Netflix and TikTok really have an international grip on the culture, and people are deep in their feelings about family.

Among several highlights from the survey, 70% said that a TV show could motivate them to learn a language. The most commonly referenced shows were Money Heist (Spanish), 37%; Squid Game (Korean), 28%; Emily in Paris (French), 20%; Dark (German), 16%; and Lupin (French), 16%.

These studies also present new marketing strategies for Duolingo, including a campaign launching around season two of Emily in Paris. The company intends to promote the idea that you should not do what Emily does: go to France without knowing any French.

Duolingo is also putting more effort into its TikTok account after learning that the app is another major factor in onboarding new language learners, with 29% saying watching videos…

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