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E-book piracy on LinkedIn SlideShare hurts smaller authors – Source

If you want to purchase a copy of The Institute, Stephen King’s latest novel about supernatural kids, you could find it at your local bookstore or order it on Amazon. You could also head to your local library, where the world’s books are available for the low, low price of free. And if you want to download an e-copy of King’s book without paying for it, there’s also SlideShare, a hosting service owned by LinkedIn that has become home to a vast warehouse of illegally pirated books.

Now 14 years old, SlideShare serves as a repository for professional slide-decks, infographics, and other kinds of visual presentations. If you’ve sat through a corporate meeting or a webinar over the past decade, chances are good that the person hosting your meeting relied on it. At first glance, it’s not a natural channel for content piracy; few people would probably want to read a book broken out, sentence by sentence, across hundreds of slides.

But e-book pirates have figured out clever…

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