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Envoy announces conference room booking and analytics – Source

If you’ve visited any high-tech office spaces lately, there’s a decent chance you’ve run into Envoy.

The Bay Area startup has more than 13,000 locations using its software, with Slack, Hulu, and Mazda among its customers. It allows guests to check in on tablet kiosks and notifies employees when visitors arrive. Envoy has also expanded to delivery management: It alerts employees when packages show up and lets administrators keep track of pickups.

Now, Envoy is looking beyond the lobby and moving deeper into the office. With a new product called Rooms, workers can reserve conference rooms through a new mobile app or integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Envoy is also releasing an analytics dashboard for administrators to see how their offices are running, and it’s testing an API to expand the ways in which Envoy’s products can be used.

Envoy founder and CEO Larry Gadea has been saying for years that the company’s goal is to become an operating system of sorts for…

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