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Five predictions for the creator economy in 2022 – Source

There’s never been a more pronounced focus on the creator economy.

Monetizing digital content is nothing new, but the pandemic turbocharged the sector as people turned to social and subscription platforms to supplement their income during stay-at-home measures—or out of boredom like many TikTok stars who joined the growing platform as something to do and found a full-time career.

That momentum from 2020 has only increased this past year.

More than 50 million people globally consider themselves content creators, and the market size has grown to well over $104 billion. Investors poured a record $1.3 billion into the space. And there’s even been a stronger middle class, with a 41% of creators earning a living wage ($69,000 annually or more) year-over-year.

Creators are becoming their own businesses. Startups are rushing to make tools and services to manage and grow these enterprises. And major brands are doubling down on leveraging the reach that creators have with their…

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