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Gourmet marketplace Goldbelly is launching a TV channel – Source

When Goldbelly CEO Joe Ariel launched his artisanal food marketplace in 2013—shipping gumbo right from New Orleans’s famed Commander’s Palace or noodles from New York’s Ivan Ramen to foodies throughout the United States—he approached the Food Network with an idea. “I thought the Food Network or some old food media brands would be great partners,” he recalls. “They could showcase food that viewers could then order through Goldbelly and consume.”

The talks went nowhere. (As film critic Pauline Kael once noted: “Hollywood is one place where you can die of encouragement.”) In the meantime, Goldbelly has become an increasingly powerful player in the food world. Its e-commerce platform, which sells products from restaurants, delis, bakeries, and more across all 50 states, quadrupled sales in 2020. Goldbelly became a particularly important partner for restaurants during the pandemic, allowing them to ship prepared meals and meal kits to customers when their dining…

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