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How the metaverse is helping replicate the human experience at work – Source

When the pandemic forced millions of teams to embrace remote work, tools like Dropbox, Zoom, Slack, and Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence made it possible to transition almost overnight. But the switch was rushed, and now we’re starting to see cracks in the foundation. The next step is replicating the human interactions and connections we’re accustomed to in the physical world in a digital one. The metaverse presents a massive opportunity here. 

New people are joining our teams who we’ve never met in real life. All we know about them is their profile picture and their “I’m at a tropical beach” Zoom background. It all feels a bit sterile and forced. There are no serendipitous conversations at lunch and no happy hour beers to talk about life outside of work. Chat tools can help a bit. But how can we go from coworkers to actual teammates when we don’t really know the people we are working with?

Prior to the pandemic, our 100+ person team would have a yearly in-person…

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