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How to attract talent hiring during the Great Resignation – Source

The average person makes nearly 35,000 decisions a day from what to eat for breakfast, to what to wear, what entertainment to consume, what to do at work, and more. Some may opt for the path of least resistance, relying on experiences, emotions, and peers for guidance. But when it comes to recruiting and hiring, the stakes are higher, and the consequences can be much greater than deciding whether to start your day with yogurt or cereal. Business leaders and talent teams must make a more conscious effort and get off autopilot mode when it comes to attracting, engaging, hiring, and advancing talent. Otherwise, biases—whether conscious or unconscious—can creep in and lead to homogeneous hiring that could further contribute to a lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workforce.

We’re starting to see efforts in pop culture to promote skills, talent, and personality characteristics instead of physical looks, names or other qualities that can lead to bias, with reality…

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