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How to extend iPhone and iPad battery life – Source

So the holidays have been good to you and you’re enjoying a fancy new Apple gadget. Now that you’ve loaded it to the brim with apps, games, photos, and videos, get the most out of its battery life by simply tweaking the following three settings.

Turn off unnecessary location services

Many of the apps you’ve installed want to know where you’re located at all times, and while iOS is pretty good about asking you whether newly installed apps are permitted to access your location, keep in mind that every app that does is sapping a little bit of your battery every time it checks where you are.

Ergo, if an app doesn’t really need to track you, you should turn off its ability to do so—not just for privacy reasons but also to extend battery life.

Head into the Settings menu, tap Privacy, then choose Location Services. From here, you’ll see a list of apps that can track your location. Slide the permission setting to off for each one you want to sever ties with or just uninstall the…

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