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How to spot fake email addresses and phone numbers – Source

The old line that the only problem with the internet is the human beings on it looks less and less fair—because the real problem has become the non-human beings on it.

Bots, scripts, and other forms of fake accounts routinely wind up as the villains in modern instances of online misbehavior. And, as the scourge of robocalls and spam texts shows, the problem is growing in our less-digital communications channels, too.

Technology can give us tools to deal with this plague of literally inhuman opponents. But developing ways to authenticate users in mediums that weren’t built with verification of individual accounts in mind isn’t easy.

We all know phishing is a big [expletive] problem.”

Joshua Kamdjou, Sublime Security

One example comes from an anti-phishing firm called Sublime Security. Last summer, that Washington, D.C., startup launched a service to provide a trustworthiness score to email addresses, automatically and almost instantly.

Cofounder Joshua Kamdjou explained how this

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