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How to use Apple’s iPhone App Privacy Report in iOS 15.2 – Source

When Apple’s iOS 15 iPhone operating system debuted early this fall, it introduced a number of privacy enhancements. Mail Privacy Protection, for instance, hides your IP address from senders. On-device speech recognition for Siri processes voice requests on your phone, so they never get transmitted to the cloud. A host of iCloud Plus privacy features were also integrated into iOS 15, including iCloud Private Relay (Apple’s Tor-like web-surfing privacy service) and Hide My Email (which lets you generate random email addresses to give to sites and apps).

Yet, one big privacy feature was missing from iOS 15 when it first shipped: App Privacy Report. It’s one of Apple’s best privacy enhancements in years—and now it’s available in iOS 15.2. Here’s what you need to know about it.

All about Transparency

Some have likened iOS 15.2’s App Privacy Report to a type of privacy report card. However, I like to think of it more like an X-ray. That’s because App Privacy Report is a…

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