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How Trump’s lies about COVID-19 overwhelm our sense of truth – Source

On the evening of March 25, President Trump tiredly ambled through his now nightly address, grabbing both sides of the podium authoritatively. “We’re also doing some very large testings throughout the country,” he said. “I told you yesterday that, in South Korea—and this is not a knock in any way because I just spoke with President Moon; we had a very good conversation about numerous other things—but they’ve done a very good job on testing, but we now are doing more testing that anybody, by far.”

This boast, one meant to imbue the American public with confidence in federal efforts to quell the coronavirus, is not entirely true. As of today, the White House says the U.S. has conducted at least 894,000 tests, surpassing South Korea in sheer numbers. But South Korea has tested a far larger portion of its total population. It’s also unclear whether the U.S. has really tested the largest number of people. China has not published the number of tests it has administered…

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