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Illinois Holocaust Museum debuts VR exhibit – Source

Now a new pair of short virtual reality films telling the stories of two survivors will enable visitors to hear those stories while experiencing immersive visuals that help explain their experiences. One film, entitled A Promise Kept, tells the story of the late Frieda “Fritzie” Fritzshall, who was imprisoned and enslaved at Auschwitz as a teenager, and went on to serve as president of the museum until her death last year at age 91. Other imprisoned women would give Fritzshall, the youngest of a group of 600, crumbs of food. The title comes from Fritzshall’s promise to them that if she survived, she would tell their stories. Her grandson Scott Fritzshall says that she was able to wrap up filming for the project before she died.

Fritzie Fritzshall at Auschwitz-Birkenau’s arrival ramp [Photo: courtesy Illinois Holocaust Museum]

“I think she was very happy that she was able to complete this,” he says. “This really represented for her, kind of, the last that she had to give…

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