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iMac RAM upgrade: Here’s an affordable way to improve multitasking – Source CNET Computer News


Apple has made upgrading the RAM ridiculously easy on 27-inch iMacs.

Patrick Holland/CNET

When you buy a new iMac from Apple, it can be costly to upgrade the RAM. For example, upgrading a new iMac from 8GB of RAM to 32GB will cost you an extra $600 through Apple’s website. However, you have a much more wallet-friendly way to add RAM to an iMac: Do it yourself. Third-party sites like Other World Computing, aka OWC, and Crucial sell the same amount of RAM for around $150. That’s a savings of $450. All you need to do is install it, which Apple has made relatively easy.

Even if you aren’t buying a new iMac, upgrading the RAM on your old computer is a quick and affordable way to give your computer more multitasking juice to…

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Source CNET Computer News

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