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‘Kombucha Girl’ Brittany Broski on becoming more than a meme – Source

In August 2019, Brittany Tomlinson uploaded a TikTok of herself trying kombucha for the first time.


Me trying Kombucha for the first time #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #AllBrandNew

♬ original sound – Brittany

Her face whiplashed back and forth between utter disgust and thoughtful contemplation that it might not be all that bad, a reaction that had all the makings of a global meme. Tomlinson became known as “the kombucha girl” and found herself flooded with new fame and followers. She also found herself out of a job.

Tomlinson worked at a bank in Dallas with no intention of becoming a content creator. But her boss, clearly more concerned with perceived professionalism than Tomlinson’s natural comedic timing, practically made the decision for her when she handed Tomlinson her pink slip less than a month after going viral.

“It was like, well I guess I have to make this lucrative somehow ’cause I have bills to pay,” says Tomlinson, who relocated to Los…

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