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List of most-used letters, according to Reddit – Source

Anyone in that first camp, though, will probably appreciate the Redditor who recently hacked their way into finding the 10 most-used letters in the game.

Wordle is, for the somehow-still-uninitiated, a solo Hangman where the word is always five letters long and the player only gets six guesses to reveal it. Along the way, the game helpfully fills in with green the right letters in the right place, and fills in with yellow the right letters in the wrong place, so players can make better informed guesses as they go along.

Those first couple guesses are crucial for rooting out the answer in the fewest possible terms, which is of course the goal for competitive players or those trying to impress on Twitter. The more green and yellow letters a player uncovers right away, the less sweaty the deductive reasoning that follows. Knowing the most common letters in the answer won’t quite enable anyone to cheat at Wordle, and shame on those who would want to, but it just may lead to seeing more…

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