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LumaFusion is a true Final Cut Pro alternative for iPad – Source

For the past five years, the video-editing app LumaFusion has been a poster child for iPad productivity.

While the iPad has always been usable for more than just content consumption, video editing is exactly the kind of creative task that Apple loves to champion. LumaFusion, which was created by former product developers from Avid and Pinnacle, two of the longest-established names in video editing, shows that the iPad can rival a laptop or desktop computer in handling complex editing jobs.

It wasn’t a huge shock, then, when Apple named LumaFusion its iPad App of the Year in early December. LumaTouch, the 18-person development team behind LumaFusion, says that the app’s usage has soared during the pandemic—it now has 930,000 users. And it delivered a meaty update this year with support for external hard drives and a more customizable interface. While Apple’s own iMovie app might be sufficient for basic video editing, LumaFusion is a professional-grade tool, supporting more…

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