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Now you can order from Hims or Hers in any state – Source

Hims & Hers—the telehealth startup that prescribes and sells antidepressants, hair-growth formulas, anti-aging retinoids, birth control, sex drive boosters, and supplements—is launching in all 50 states and will now be able to conduct physician consultations in real time.

Over the past two years, the two brands—Hims launched in 2017 and added the Hers site in October 2018–have hosted one million medical visits. Patients who go to Hims or Hers are typically seeking a prescription for a specific problem, like performance anxiety. After selecting from more than 100 products on the site, customers must provide a credit card, consent to telehealth services and their risks, and agree to potential off-label prescribing of a drug—that is, for a health goal other than its official purpose. Then they fill out a questionnaire to be reviewed by a physician. If all goes well, customers get their script in as little as 48 hours.

[Photo: courtesy of Hims]

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