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Oura’s ring tracks Jack Dorsey’s sleep. Should you get one? – Source

Lots of people don’t sleep well. The reasons are numerous, especially as COVID-19 takes over life as we know it. But our collective restlessness comes at a time when there are more sleep aids than ever.

There’s a lot of promise in consumer sleep tech, a category that encapsulates everything from newfangled beds to wearables such as rings and wristwatches that help us achieve best practices for getting some shut-eye. And it’s no shocker that some of the biggest cheerleaders for sleep tech are tech executives.

Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in particular is known to wear an Oura smart ring to help him sleep at night. I checked in with him a few weeks ago, when I imagined he might be suffering through some restless nights. It was just after activist investor Elliott Management took a 4% stake in Twitter and tech journalist Kara Swisher predicted that Dorsey might lose his job at the company he cofounded.

Still, when I spoke to Dorsey—the day after he revealed he would no…

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