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Private Google search alternative with a new design – Source

For better or worse, isn’t like any other search engine you’ve used before.

Instead of arranging results in a vertical list, presents users with rows of horizontal panels—the company calls them “apps”—grouped by source. There’s an app for Yelp, an app for Reddit, an app for Twitter, and an app for standard Bing results, among others. Users can then promote or demote these panels as they browse the results, creating a search engine that’s personalized around their favorite sources.

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“This is something no one else has done yet,” says Richard Socher,’s founder and CEO, who was formerly the chief scientist at Salesforce. “It’s kind of a new way of thinking about search.”

But while is both novel and ambitious, it’s also difficult to get used to, and having to sift through a dozen or more content silos can feel counterproductive when not all of them are relevant to what you need. To truly upend the…

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