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RadioShack becomes the latest brand to ‘pivot to crypto’ – Source

The brand’s U.S. stores have since largely shut down, but now, RadioShack’s current owners, Retail Ecommerce Ventures, want to use its supposed cachet among investors and aging, conservative execs to enter the world of cryptocurrency. The company appears to be creating an exchange-like platform designed to make it easy to invest in coins created by future partner companies, including other well-known retail brands, as well as its own digital token called, naturally, RADIO.

“RadioShack is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap and ‘cross the chasm’ of mainstream usage for cryptocurrency,” they write, adding, “The need for a bridge between the CEOs who control the world’s corporations and the new world of cryptocurrencies will most likely come in the form of a well-known, century-old brand. RadioShack is perfect.”

The website, which warns that “it has been brought to our attention that imposter accounts might be trying to imitate the RadioShack crypto launch,” also…

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