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Reverse search warrants turn your phone into a tracking device – Source

As President Trump revives his administration’s familiar fight with Apple over encryption, condemning the tech giant for not breaking into its own devices, news is coming to light about a new frontier in the battle over government surveillance. Court documents reveal previously unreported instances of the so-called “reverse search warrant”: court orders demanding that tech firms provide all the information on users in a certain geographic area at a certain time. While this tactic is relatively rare today, it holds the power to transform every internet-enabled gadget into a government tracking device.

Search warrants date back before the founding of this country and are enshrined in the Fourth Amendment, and today, some warrants work the same way that they did in 1789. Want to search a house or arrest a suspect? Have an officer swear under oath why they have probable cause. Want to search another home or arrest a second person? You’ll have to get a second warrant.

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