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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is a fashion statement – Source

As the event unfolded, though, the order made sense. The Galaxy S20 portion of the show was dense with tech and specs, from 5G connectivity to 120KHz screens to 108MP camera sensors and 10X zoom lenses. And the Galaxy Z Flip section? Samsung UK marketing honcho Rebecca Hirst, who presented the Flip, barely mentioned the technology behind the phone. The closest she came was discussing the folding glass that protects the screen from scratches and the fibers that defend the hinge against dirt and dust—important points to make after the Galaxy Fold’s rollout was hobbled by reliability issues.

Instead, Hirst unabashedly pitched the Flip as a bragworthy luxury item. She called it a “statement smartphone” and “a standout smartphone for people who want to stand out,” and promised prospective buyers that they’ll “always be attracting attention and turning heads.” She also teased a special edition of the phone resulting from a partnership between Samsung and Thom Browne, a…

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