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Sony’s 360 Reality Audio could revolutionize live music – Source

I’m sitting in the middle of a Live Nation mixing studio in Hollywood, surrounded by speakers—some low against the wall, some perched higher up. When a live version of Jesse McCartney’s “Soul” comes on, I can hear the booming drums in front of me, crowd noise behind me, and electric piano off to my right. A guitar starts playing behind me and then begins circling above my head. The experience reminds me of the surround-sound immersion of a live concert.

In reality, I’m hearing a recording of McCartney’s song that has been programmed so that I hear specific sounds within the music from different places around my head—a new form of music mixing that Sony calls 360 Reality Audio (360RA). I’m a seasoned musician with four records under my belt, but this kind of music production is totally new to me. Sony hopes 360 Reality Audio will revolutionize the way we listen to music, a change as transformative as the company’s Walkman portable cassette players in the 1980s.


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