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The B Corp certification process as seen by a CEO who did it – Source

Most boardrooms are ruled by the bottom line. Too many CEOs can recite a decade’s worth of earnings records but can’t hold a meaningful conversation about the communities they operate in or the customers they serve. However, in the last few years, that attitude has started to shift. More leaders understand that being good and being profitable are not mutually exclusive. More often than not, the former is a critical component to the latter.

This is something we’ve known to be true at WeTransfer since we opened our doors in 2009. In fact, we decided in those early days that we would donate 30% of our advertising inventory to voices and causes that aligned with our values in perpetuity. Blocking nearly a third of a critical revenue stream was—and still is—a big deal for our organization. But we do it gladly every year. Since then, our approach to corporate social responsibility has evolved and expanded in ways that we are proud of. The biggest point of pride to date has been…

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