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The best keyboard shortcut app for Gmail—and beyond – Source

When it comes to gifts for yourself, one possibility stands out above all others. And in and of itself, it doesn’t even cost a dime.

I’m talking about the gift of time—the intangible asset that’s always in shortest supply in my life. And given the fact that you’re here and reading this, I’m guessing that might be true for you, too.

Well, here in this digital domain of ours, there’s no better way to shave seconds off your day than to unearth and embrace carefully considered keyboard shortcuts. Each one may seem insignificant in and of itself, but add a bunch of them together, and they can represent a massive jolt of added efficiency for your most common productivity tasks.

And one tool in particular has proven to be my most valuable keyboard shortcut secret. It’s a powerful web-wide control panel that lets you create all sorts of custom shortcuts for the text you type and even the browser-based actions you perform the most. And once you start tapping into its…

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