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The video game industry stole the spotlight at CES 2022 – Source

Video games usually are something of an afterthought at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

The show has certainly had its moments in gaming. It’s where the Xbox was revealed, not to mention the Nintendo Entertainment System. And it was where Sony announced it was working on a game system with Nintendo in 1991 (before Nintendo, the next day, proclaimed it was walking away from that partnership).  

By 1995, the video game industry had a trade show of its own—E3—and CES was more focused on other technology. But in 2022, the video game world flexed its muscle at CES once again, reminding tech companies and consumers of its pop culture and market strength.

No one made that clearer than Sony, which brought Spider-Man star Tom Holland onstage to promote the upcoming cinematic version of Uncharted, showing a full scene of one of the game’s most iconic moments (when Nathan Drake must climb a series of crates that are dangling from the back of a plane as enemies try to dispatch…

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