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This new Facebook feature proves they know everywhere you’ve been – Source

I have no more illusions about my online privacy. It’s no longer a private-until-proven-not-private world. We must actively fight to defend our privacy—big tech companies assume we have no real right to it.

That point was underlined on Tuesday, when Facebook launched a feature—first promised by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal—called Off-Facebook Activity. Located in the service’s privacy settings, it lets you see all the websites and apps that reported data back to Facebook about your visits and activities. Looking at my summary page was an eye-opener.

A word of explanation: After quitting Facebook in November 2017, I (sort of) rejoined it just shy of four months ago under an assumed name. I use my new account only when my work as a reporter requires it. Even in that small space of time, 309 apps and websites dutifully reported my visits, purchases, and other actions back to Big Brother Facebook. Most of them reported data back more than…

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