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Trinamix’s facial recognition takes on Apple’s Face ID – Source

The technology that might become the future of facial recognition started with a bucket of household paint.

Ingmar Bruder was researching organic photovoltaics—and how to make paint that could absorb sunlight and turn it into electricity—at German chemical giant BASF when he hit upon an unexpected discovery. By shining an infrared beam at an object, the object would reflect back the beam differently depending on what it was made of. And by analyzing that backscatter, and combining it with a more commonplace 2D infrared image and a 3D depth map, software could more accurately identify what an object was. It could tell the difference between a photograph of a person’s face printed on paper, a person wearing a realistic mask, the face of a recently deceased person, and the holy grail of biometric facial recognition technology: a living person, based on his or her skin.

In 2015, Bruder launched Trinamix, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF, to develop the technology. For the past…

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