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What to know about user generated content during Ukraine conflict – Source

Russia has so far been unable to change or even muddy the global narrative on Ukraine. The world is largely united in seeing that Ukraine and its people have done nothing to warrant aggression from Russia. Syrians were also victims. I witnessed horrible violence against peaceful protests throughout Damascus and other cities at the start of the conflict. Yet, despite the extraordinary amount of visual evidence in Syria, the international community was unable to fully align on a narrative like we have seen thus far in Ukraine. Why? This is complicated and can be addressed by many geo-strategic, historical, political, interest-based factors—all should be honestly examined. Though the answer is multi-dimensional, there is one critical piece worth examining: visual truth. 

Currently, Ukraine has a largely permissive media environment. Though it is dangerous, most international news organizations can enter the country and run a live feed and allow the world to watch events unfold live…

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