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Why angry customers are boycotting Sonos – Source

Sonos, the company known for selling high-end wireless speakers, likes to brag that 92% of the products it’s ever sold are still in use. It has many fans who have been investing in their systems for years. Those facts help explain why the company’s decision this week to stop providing software updates for four models which it sold from 2006 to 2015 has infuriated some of its most loyal customers.

Unhappy users have taken to Twitter and Facebook to decry Sonos’s announcement, which attempts to convince owners of older devices to brick their speakers so they can be recycled, after which they’ll receive a 30% discount to buy one of Sonos’s newer speakers through the company’s Trade Up program. The company says that the decision is because its oldest products just don’t have enough processing power to support new updates to the “Sonos experience.”

“As we took a look at these legacy products and what the experience would be like, we decided . . . it was best to…

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