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Why Bloomberg could emerge as Big Tech’s favorite – Source

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg will drop out of blue sky into the thick of the Democratic primary race tonight when he joins the rest of the field on the debate stage in Las Vegas.

Bloomberg—a media mogul, former New York City mayor, and former Republican—has already spent copious amounts of cash on both social media and television ads, seeking to overpower Donald Trump on his own platforms of choice.

There are plenty of reasons for tech-industry employees, most of whom are progressives, to dislike Bloomberg. He’ll be attacked onstage tonight for things such as his “stop and frisk” policy and reports of lewd and sexist comments to and about women. But Bloomberg—himself a major tech investor—has attracted support from venture-capital types such as Chamath Palihapitiya. And Big Tech companies may find some reasons to look past any reservations they may have about his candidacy.


Antitrust fever is alive and well in Washington—at least where tech companies are…

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