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12 incredibly useful Gmail settings you didn’t know you needed – Source

Every feature-rich app has its share of easily overlooked settings. But Gmail—man, oh man. Gmail has a virtual labyrinth of underappreciated options.

Consider this: Some of Gmail’s settings are available only on the Gmail website. Others are only in the mobile apps—or sometimes just in the mobile app on one specific platform. And other Gmail settings, paradoxically, can’t even be found within Gmail at all (yes, really!).

It practically requires a recurring spelunking expedition to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything Gmail has to offer, particularly since the list of possibilities evolves so often. But not to worry—I’m here to help.

I’ve dug up and broken down a dozen of Gmail’s most helpful yet least visible settings. Consider this your map to some of the service’s best buried treasures—no messy metaphorical cave-crawling required.

1. Give yourself more room to write

First things first: Gmail’s default compose window for new emails is a small box in…

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