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2 workers on what it’s like to work at Amazon in a pandemic – Source fastcompany.com

After living in New York City for more than a decade, Rob*, 35, didn’t think he’d be headed back to the suburbs. “I never thought that I would be moving home with my mom with no idea on what was next,” he says. But this unexpected reality hit at the end of summer, months into the pandemic, during which he lost his full-time job and started logging overtime hours at Whole Foods as an Amazon Prime Now Shopper.

In the wake of COVID-19, millions of Americans and thousands of U.S. businesses have faced extreme economic turmoil. Around 22 million American jobs were lost in March and April alone (and fewer than half have returned). Yelp data shows that at least 80,000 small businesses closed for good between March 1 and July 25. More continue to shutter, cut ties with employees, and struggle to pay for rental space.

But Rob’s employer, Amazon, which owns Whole Foods, hired more than 175,000 additional warehouse and delivery workers in March and April, defying the hiring freeze…

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