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5 best Wi-Fi troubleshooting tricks – Source

What a wonderful wireless world we live in–unless, that is, you’re eternally locked in a losing battle with flaky connections, unreliable airwaves, and slow surfing. If you are, the good news is that troubleshooting a shaky signal isn’t all that complicated. Here are the five best ways to ensure that your Wi-Fi network is delivering the speed you need—starting with the ones that don’t cost anything, then moving onto those that require spending some bucks.

1. Re-locate your router

One of the most basic truths of Wi-Fi is that the closer you are to your router, the better your wireless connection will be. So when it comes to your wireless router’s placement, try to either put it in as central a location as possible or put it as close as possible to the room or rooms where you’ll be using your wirelessly-connected devices most often. There’s no sense in sticking a router in your attic if you spend most of your time hanging out in the basement.

3. Check the software and…

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