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6 reasons why Disney fans should be worried about its future – Source

Disney’s Investor Day conference on December 10 was a four-plus-hour palooza during which the company wowed Wall Street—Disney’s stock soared 12% to $173.84 per share on Friday morning, an all-time high—and the media with its incredible outlay of product coming down the pipeline.

The content dump was nothing short of staggering, even in an era when Netflix has conditioned us to expect a fresh, new original program to pop up on our screen approximately every four minutes. Ten new Star Wars series! Ten more from Marvel! And so forth. By the time all the Disney execs and company heads had had a turn touting their wares—Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy, Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige, Pixar’s Pete Docter, etc.—105 new movies and TV series were announced.

Even more newsworthy was that 80% of them are headed to Disney+, Disney’s streaming darling, which in just 13 months has racked up 87 million subscribers, making it Netflix’s most significant rival. Disney’s overall…

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