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6 virtual team building ideas for when you’re sick of Zoom – Source

The coronavirus pandemic has kept many office workers away from their workstations for nearly a year. And, with vaccines slow to roll out, it’s likely they’ll still be home for at least a few more months. While companies have found ways to use remote productivity tools such as Zoom, Slack, and shared document editing tools to substitute for in-person collaboration, most office workers have still gone close to a year without any quality coworker socializing.

“The loss of in-person interaction is basically creating a lot more loneliness among employees,” says Ruzwana Bashir, founder of the experience booking platform Peek.

[Photo: courtesy of Peek]

To try to change that, Peek is launching a new platform with creative virtual experiences such as mixology classes, Queen’s Gambit-inspired chess lessons, and remote escape rooms designed to get even workers with Zoom fatigue excited. The goal is to recreate the unstructured socializing time people would normally get at after-work…

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