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8 best free web tools you didn’t know you needed – Source

The wondrous, whimsical World Wide Web is still wonderful after all these years. And there are still plenty of helpful and powerful sites out there to discover. Here are eight that deserve a place on your bookmarks bar.

Send huge files—no signup required

For those times when you’ve got a gnarly file to send and email just won’t cut it, there’s WeTransfer. In a few clicks, you’ll be good to go: Select your file, designate your recipient, and . . . well, that’s about it. There’s no need to formally sign up for the service, and you can send files up to  2GB that’ll be available for up to seven days.

No-fuss screen captures

Need to grab a snippet (or more) of a web page? Look no further than the excellent Nimbus Capture tool. Available as an extension for the Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers, Nimbus makes short work of screenshots. Select a section of a site, what’s visible in your browser window, or even the entire page. There are several additional options as…

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