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A guide to the best Windows 10 shortcuts – Source fastcompany.com

I love my mouse. It’s one of my favorite tools! And I’m not one of those keyboard-shortcut snobs who thinks anyone can just gallivant their way through Windows 10 with a series of finger gymnastics.

That being said, there are a handful of things I do again and again in Windows 10 each day that I can do far faster using their respective keyboard shortcuts.

There’s no need to become a shortcut whiz: just learn these 10 and you’ll be light-years ahead of all the mouse-only people out there.

Windows Key + D: show and hide the Desktop

You’ve got a thousand windows open but you need to find one of the files on your desktop, which also number in the thousands. Hold down the Windows key and hit D to hide all the open windows. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, hit the same key sequence again to resurface your windows.

Now, if you just want to take a quick peek at the desktop to see if whatever you’re looking for is actually there, hold the Windows key and press the comma…

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