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A Mac app for clearing desktop window clutter – Source

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by an excess of open windows on your Mac, a new tool called Later can help. By clicking a button on the Mac menu bar, you can hide all open windows from your desktop, then bring them back at a later time.

I’ve been using a review copy of Later provided by the developer and have found it useful for clearing out desktop clutter when it’s time to focus. It can also be helpful for hiding apps and browser tabs during a Zoom presentation.

To hide your apps, just hit Later’s big blue “Save windows for later” button, or press Cmd+Shift+L. You can then restore your session through the menu bar or by hitting Cmd+Shift+R.

[Animation: Jared Newman]

Later also has a few other useful options for clearing out Mac window clutter: You can choose to quit all applications instead of hiding them, automatically restore your windows after a certain amount of time, and leave system windows such as Finder untouched. (Unfortunately, there’s no…

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